Lake Houston Church

AFTER-School Program

The Lake Houston Church After School Program offers after school care for students of

The Oaks Elementary School and Oak Forest Elementary School.

 The Program takes place at Lake Houston Church of the Nazarene.  


Our goal is to provide quality care where students can do homework, build relationships through interactive games, and enjoy the after school hours before going home.

The program runs on school days from 3:30pm to 6:30pm and it is exclusively for The Oaks Elementary and Oak Forest Elementary students.
 Transportation IS provided from these two schools only. 


Lake Houston Church After-School program will run every school day of the year, including Early Release Days! We will not offer after school care on the following dates for staff development: April 19, 20, 21. Please notate these on your calendar. 

Scroll to the bottom for All rules and policies


Payment info

Payments for our program are divided in a monthly basis following the school calendar. Enrollment is for the full school year. If your child is pulled out of the program, a re-entry fee of $15/child will be charged. Early release days are included in our program. Setting up a recurring payment will serve as your down payment. After September 2nd, there will be a registration fee of $2 a month fee added to the recurring payment

Below is the payment schedule for the 2016-2017

school year. 


Registration opens this week!


Lake Houston Church After-School Program works out to being $13 a day. We've made it easy for you by averaging this payment out over 10 months OR give you a discount for paying up front. You can use all major credit cards, debit cards, or your bank account.  

After submitting payment, please print, fill out, sign and return this form (FORM WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON) to Lake Houston Church (Directions click HERE).

You can also pick up this form at our office.

  • Monthly Payments:


    per month*/ 1 child


    ($20 discount)

    PER month*/ 2 CHILDren**


    ($60 discount) 



    ($120 discount)

    per MONTH*/ 4 children**

    *First payment in august, last payment in may

    **Children must have same address

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  • Yearly Advanced payment:


    1 CHILD ($200 discount)


    2 CHILDREN ($300 Discount)


    3 CHILDREN ($400 Discount)


    4 CHILDREN ($500 Discount)


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More Info:


All students will participate in games and activities throughout the after-school program. 

Physical activities will include: various sporting activities, team-building activities, and team games.

When given, mini lessons will be inspiring and primarily Bible-based. The main objective for the mini lesson is to better the children in everyday life while emphasizing important life values.


While attending Lake Houston Church After-School Program, all children are asked to comply with the already existing rules of their school, as well as our after school rules.  In order to maintain a safe environment, we ask that you please review them with your child/children who will participate in after school.

1. Be respectful to other students, teachers, and caregivers.

2. Follow all the directions the first time they are given.

3. Stay in assigned area.

4. You are only allowed to leave assigned area with a teacher/caregiver.

5. Keep hands, feet, inappropriate comments, and objects to yourself.

6. Use respectful language at all times, using ‘inside voices’.

7. If you come to after school without homework to complete, you will be asked to read a book silently. The after-school program will not issue any books.


“After School Discipline Policy”

Lake Houston Church After-School Program is a means of providing additional educational support and opportunities to students beyond the formal school day.  Therefore, it must be recognized that inappropriate behavior by the students, especially in the form of threats against other students and/or caregivers, does not promote a favorable learning environment, and will not be tolerated. As with any other zero-tolerance policy, there will be consequences for the following types of misconduct:

1. Failure to follow rules, policies and procedure of the After-School Program.

2. General misconduct, including loud or boisterous behavior that tends to disturb other students, and includes running in the classroom/halls, minor defacement of property, and pushing or shoving others.

3. A student’s persistent refusal to follow the instructions of program staff and administrators. This shall also include a student’s refusal or failure to properly identify oneself on request. 

4. Use of obscene, vulgar, profane, disrespectful, demeaning or threatening words and/or actions or gesture directed to or in the presence of any student or staff member.

5. Mutual physical confrontations between students (fighting).

6. Possession and/or use of any tobacco or drug related items or ‘look a like’ items – this may include cigarettes, chewing tobacco and other

tobacco related products, lighters, alcoholic substances, drug-consumption devices, and any substance suspected of being a ‘drug’.

7. A behavior that may result in physical or mental abuse to one’s self.

8. Committing an act of indecent exposure in the presence of any other student or staff member.

“Disciplinary Actions”

1. Verbal warning

2. Special assignments or removal from group

3. Program staff/student behavioral discussion

4. Parent Contact

5. Suspension from after school program:

          1. First Offense – 1 day suspension

          2. Second Offense – 3 days suspension

          3. Third Offense – Parent/Staff conference to determine continued enrollment in the program.

6. Immediate notification of authorities if appropriate.


Each student must be enrolled in the after-school program by a parent or legal guardian approval. 

There are 177 Student Days. We offer care 174 of those days including early release days. Average cost per day is $13 before any discounts. Average cost for five days is $65 before discounts. Payments schedule can be found on our website.

Discount: We offer discount when you have 2 or more children enrolled. Discounts are found on our website.

Payment: Fees can only be made online or in person with a valid debit/credit card in our office during office hours, or at the After School Program.

Payments are due on the 15th of each month. A late fee of $10 will be charged if not paid on time. Enrollment is for the full school year. If your child is pulled out of the program, a re-entry fee of $15/child will be charged. After September 2nd, new students registration fee is $15/child. This payment can only be made in person when returning signed forms.


During the Lake Houston Church After-School Program enrollment process, the parent or guardian must identify the days their child will attend the program.  This important information assists the after school staff to ensure that students are attending the after school program when they are supposed to. Lake Houston Church and Humble ISD School administration are working together to create a safe transition from school to the after school program, therefore, attendance by students and communication with parents is very important.  Lake Houston Church and Humble ISD cannot be held responsible for students and families who neglect to follow the attendance procedures in place.  As a result of our need to ensure the safety of students, the following policies must be followed:

1. Students enrolled in the after school program are expected to attend on all days identified by the parent/guardian during the initial enrollment process.  Changes to that schedule must be submitted to Lake Houston Church one week prior to going into effect, so that the program administration can be notified in a timely manner.

2. If your child is not going to be attending on a regularly scheduled day, we ask that the after-school administration be notified by 1:00 pm (281-852-6273) that day or in writing, prior to the absence.

3. Failure to attend three regularly scheduled days without notification to either Lake Houston Church administration or staff will result in your child being placed on suspension from after school services, until a program supervisor and the parent/guardian address the issue of non-attendance. Notification of suspension will be conducted by phone and written correspondence.  

4. Inconsistent or lack of attendance at the after school program will result in the student’s name being removed from the attendance roster. 

Notification for attendance roster removal will occur by written correspondence.

Arrangements to have your child re-activated can be made by contacting Lake Houston Church office at (281-852- 6273).


*In the event of inclement weather, Lake Houston Church After-School Program follows Humble ISD’s lead for school delays and cancellations. 

*If your school is delayed, the after school program will be in session.

*If your school is cancelled, the after school program will be cancelled. 

*In the event that the after-school program is in session, and the weather becomes dangerous, the parents are encouraged to arrive early to pick up their children from the program.  Please be sure to call ahead and make arrangements for someone to meet you at the door.


All parents shall pick up their child/children from the main doors on the North side of Lake Houston Church. 

The program runs from 3:30-6:30pm, Monday - Friday. 

Please have your child/children picked up by 6:30pm.


Students must have parent permission to walk home.

Otherwise a parent/guardian will be required to come into the school and sign out their child.

For the safety of your children, he/she will only be released to the parents or designated pickup person.  

Should another adult be picking up your child, please send written notification and be advised that they may be asked

for photo identification.  Once a child is released to his/her parent or designated pickup person, the child’s care and safety are the responsibility of the parent or designated adult.

In the event that a child must be picked up early from the after school program, (before 6:30pm), the parent must notify the Program Supervisor or staff member, either in writing or by phone to make arrangements for meeting you at the door (281-852- 6273).

In order that your child is not left feeling confused or upset, we ask that you make every attempt to pickup your child on time.  

Dismissal is 6:30pm.

*If there are special court orders regarding parental custody – please provide documentation.


No medication or breathing treatments (including inhalers) of any kind will be administered by caregivers during after school hours or during the after school program.