Covid - 19 vaccine waiting listS

For those who would like to get on waiting lists for COVID vaccine, here are some options:

Harris County -

St Luke’s - - For those of you (or your doctor) who have any relationship with St Luke's. (Kelsey Seybold is associated with St Luke’s).

Cleveland Tx - or 281-806-7370 or 281-806-7380. Liberty County. Will take anyone. Call repeatedly and be persistent.

Montgomery County -

Montgomery County -

UT Galveston -

NRG - - or 832-393-4301

AlertHouston of the City of Houston - Learn about new appointment opportunities through email, text, voice call, or mobile app notification by registering for the HoustonRecovers subscription of AlertHouston at

If you need help to access a computer or navigate these sites please contact the church office: